This is a full-blown SRPG that eliminates probability and pursues strategicity and stress-free playability. The battle of "Lily" is to a new generation!

This is the story of the battle of the girls "Lily" who have mysterious abilities. These girls are bonded by friendship. That is "coupling". Only more power can change a school dominated by violence! + Eliminate all random elements Eliminates all probabilistic factors such as hit rate and critical hits. You can enjoy a very high level of strategy that is not affected by random numbers. + Comfortable growth system The characters will grow as the scenario progresses. You can focus only on map exploration, without forcing characters you want to raise to participate in battles and without having to bother with the tedious process of earning experience. Of course, there is no random element in the way characters grow. + Character customization With "Potential Ability," which grants various abilities to characters, and "Enchant," which allows users to freely modify and enhance equipment, users can enjoy the fun of raising their favorite characters to their own liking. The lack of randomness does not mean that the fun of simulation RPGs is lost. + Multiple game modes make it fun for everyone Two game modes are provided: "Tactical" for those who want to enjoy the strategy and "Heroic" for those who want to enjoy the story. Advanced players who want to take their time to strategize and conquer the map will find the Tactical mode to be a challenging and rewarding experience. For those who want to play quickly, don't like difficult games, and can't spend much time on the game, Heroic mode will give you peace of mind. * This game only supports Japanese

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Released at
Apr 28, 2022
Nintendo Switch


Blood, Language, Partial Nudity, Violence, Suggestive Themes

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