Defeat the God-devouring Dragon in this deceptively simple squad building game!

The gameplay focuses on raising your soldiers' levels, strengthening their weapons, and balancing their unique traits and skills to create the strongest squad possible. Lead your ultimate squad deeper into the realm of evil, or try it skills online against other players' squads and move your way up the online ranks. [Story] Two beings of the 《human world》 hold holy power: 《Shrine Maiden》holds “The Holy Power of Transition, 《Dragon Slayer》 holds “The Holy Power of Dragonslaying”. These two souls resonate, and the soldiers of the 《human world》 assemble to face the 《evil dragons of the God World》. You must become the 《dragon slayer》 or 《shrine maiden》to defeat 《Lord Vaster Dragon》 and his monsters to free the 《God World》 from his terrible power. Enter the belly of 《the dragon》 and release the 《spirit hoard》 of Gods and men that are trapped within.

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Released at
Jul 1, 2017
Nintendo Switch


Animated Blood, Fantasy Violence

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