A Sengoku simulation game that guides stupid people.

[ Story ] After the collapse of society due to material civilization, human beings will implement a "folklore policy" governed by some politicians based on their reflection. The world was settled by folklore, and the people got their own happiness. In order to make the peace forever, the politician manipulates his own genes and becomes an absolute person of immortality. The people worshiped and obeyed the absolute as a "god". For hundreds of years, perfect order was maintained and all the people lived happily. However, those who are tired of happiness form a clique and disturb the peace of the country ... The "gods" of each country organized an army and suppressed it. The slightest turbulence disrupted the over-perfect order, creating greater conflict. The world was once again flooded with death from hatred and justice. You exist in this world as the "god" of a nation. Dominate "the whole world" and lead all the people to happiness ... * This game only supports Japanese.

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Released at
Jan 13, 2022
Nintendo Switch



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