Use your character's abilities to take on enemies mutated by lunatic objects! bullet hell shooting game.

The first work in the "Girl Like A Dreaming" series is now available on Nintendo Switch. In order to investigate the lunatic objects that have flooded the neighborhood, the girls run through energy bullet hell and enemy status ailments. 【Enemy status abnormality】 In addition to advantageous effects such as fainting and burns, there is also a state called "lunatic status", where an additional barrage is released in response to a barrage that is going out of control and is being conquered, and an even higher state. 【Item Shop】 Here, you can use the points you collect during investigations to power up your character and obtain useful items. There are backup items that can restore the state you were in when you acquired it even if the game is over, and "high-stakes" items that can fully recover even if you are in a pinch. 【Main character “Erenomiya Mira”】 When he wakes up, people who claim to be his friends are waiting for him... Although he has no memory of his past, it seems like he was the leader of this group, so he begins his activities believing in his sense of fitting in. It seems that she is secretly aiming to become an idol.

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Released at
Jan 24, 2024
Nintendo Switch


Mild Language, Mild Violence

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